Day 1

After discussing our user journeys for each of our selected apps, I realised how Small things like logos, and routines and the functioning of apps go unnoticed when the user journey literally becomes a natural habit or part of your everyday routine.

After the interview with our ''client'' a million ideas came to mind. One of her answers were, how she found it difficult to decide what to wear in the morning. This inspired an app idea like the wallet app, except an app for your wardrobe. One that is linked to your laundry bag and online shopping websites. It will also contain images of all the clothes you own. So it organises your wardrobe for you even when your actual wardrobe is in a mess. 

My next idea was inspired by my clients lie- she lied to her mum about going to a club, while she actually stayed in and took a nap. because her mum consistently asks her to do "fun'' things.  


"An App That Makes You Wanna Have FUN"

Day 2

Today, we got the opportunity to present our primary design to our client. My app idea was an app that helps you LIE. I presented my design, tagline and app structure to my client and she loved it.

I used my tagline from the well known song and played a little pun on it to create- 'Girls just don't wanna have' followed by the name of my app - "FUN"

What I learnt today was the challenge of personalising and customising something that can be relatable by a large scale audience, I tried to create a design that is relatable and usable by people our age. It was tricky because I started off creating my pitch exclusively pertaining to my client.

Day 3

We were to complete all 6 screens either digitally or hand-made. I decided to choose my base colour as orange. I created screens like a regular app would look. I attempted to highlight my main features and also include basic functionality of an app that also represented my creative idea behind it. It was supposed to act as a mockery towards a normal app or feature of  a phone like 'siri', but ironically acts and functions like a normal phone but assists lies that the holder chooses to lie about.




What feature I like most about this app is the access it provides to the rest of the world. The 'browse' section of the music app allows you to access 'new hits', 'top songs', top songs trending in a particular region etc. 


The vastness of instagram intrigues me. It not only allows access to the rest of the world but acts as a platform of communication and awareness, which made me realise and acknowledge the importance of of communication in graphic design. The explore feature not only keeps one updated on recent events, but also detects posts according to  our liking. This aspect based on posts that we liked earlier, is what I drew inspiration from for my app, where I tried to create a platform exclusive to my client but also relatable, customisable and usable by the common audience in the particular age range. What I personally like about the app is the feature that advertises clothing, branding and retail stores. The shopping feature in the app on branded pages is unique and caught my eye and interest.





I like the privacy that this app offers. Even though it allows exchange of pictures, it can be restricted to people that each individual allows access to. I also really like the "Snapmaps" feature. Where we get to see the location of our friends on the app and also see events that might be taking place near by.


My initial reference came from the prank lie detector apps that we used as children. Also websites like peter answers ( and lie detector simulator. However, My idea was to take such pranks to a practical and realistically usable level, without anybody realising.


Sample Apps

These apps are for fun and entertainment purpose so you can easily make prank with your friends and family. Few of these apps will allows you to customize the answer so that you can easily make a prank with your partners.These apps provides you a real time truth or lie option and it may be correct. Few of these apps in this list work using finger print so you have to put your finger print on your screen for better use the app. 





Similarly my app is designed specifically for the owner of the phone but instead of detection it relies on constructed lies and truth that can be differentiated with colours customised by the user.



My App

My first idea for my logo was for the "fun" app. Since my clients idea of FUN was different from her mum's and probably everyone else's at her age. I blocked the letter 'N' from fun to look like FU*