'The Span of a man's outspread arms is equal to his height' - Leonardo Da Vinci

The concept of standardization is outdated and irrelevant.

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  • Length of hand to elbow is 1/4th of the height 
  • Width of his shoulders is 1/4th of his height 
  • Length of the hand is 1/10th of his height 
  • Length of the foot is 1/7th of his height 

These facts steered us into the direction of re-creating similar standardized measurements, exclusive to ones own body. 


We then decided to begin our project by a by visualizing the quote and trying to determine whether that fact was actually true. We traced out a body and proved that the span of outspread arms is equal to the height. This made us look back at the quote and question whether that would apply to everyone.



We chose to focus on the individuality and uniqueness of each body. We also wanted to explore the fact that every body is different thus proving that standardization is outdated and irrelevant. Additionally the whole idea of having your body constantly measured in order to compare it to the standard, tends to cause insecurities and discrimination. Which steered us to create personal measurement scale which would be personal and exclusive to each body. By interacting with people and involving them in our work, we initially wanted to allow them to create their own scales of measurement by using their body parts. 

We created a scale to record accurate measurements of people to test this study before we started to trace them. On doing so, we discovered that it actually did not match for everybody which was what made us focus on individuality and uniqueness of each body.

Additionally, we found a study  proving that the average length of the outspread arm span is 2cm longer than the height and not a single persons dimensions would completely matched their height (A study by Sp Mohanty, S Suresh Babu and N Sreekumaran Nair).



Join us in challenging the concept of standardized measuring system.  
The aim of this project is to embrace the individuality and uniqueness of each body, by creating your own scales of measurement by using your own body parts. 


It was interesting to see how children got involved in our project, as they started drawing and colouring their outlines. Although we did not intend to target that age group to convey our message. However, watching kids participate in the project seemed to communicate our idea, as they store the key feature of oblivion towards public standards and tend to interpret what they see and themselves in colour, while age transforms that interpretation into numbers, shapes and sizes.