15.11.18 - Beautiful Fictions

Today was day 1 in Graphic Design and it was probably the most interesting project I have done - The 12 hour project. We were split into groups of 3 and we were to design a flag for a state that we created. We answered all the questions from the questionnaire and concluded with our 3 words- Family, Unity and Diversity. My teammates and I decided to get into the literal aspect of our individual origins and combine our existing histories and homes to create our 'Imagined State'. We bought fabrics of colors that according to us represented the words: family- brown, unity- blue and we used various colours to represent diversity. For our emblem, each of us experimented and pitched different designs. We then decided to translate the three words into our respective languages- Hindi, Kannada, Thai, and create a symbol by combining outlines of these words in our scripts.


Once we finalized the symbol we decided to transfer it onto the flag. However, we did not want a simple flag hoisted with a pole, which is why we chose to hold it with rope. I found this activity very tricky, as I was not very good at stitching or dealing with fabrics at all, and as the night progressed I began to get sleepy which made it all the more difficult to focus and complete the design.


Being from different parts of the world my teammates and I faced plenty of communication problems and also came across several conflicts in ideas. However, we managed to get along and work efficiently after we finalised our idea and started to work.


Today, we shared information about our respective passports based on our weekend research task. The diversity on not only my table, but the entire class is impeccable. My group had so many different kinds form so many different countries which made the exercise so much more interesting.

One phrase and reference to a passport that I have always heard since I was a child is "take care of your passport like your life depends on it." which made me realise that each of our lives literally depend on our identity because without our passport- The first form of identification we don't exist. Which is why, for my country I wanted to do something more practical and common for everybody. I wanted one book for everyone rather than one book per person. Since the idea behind our imagined state was unity, family and diversity- our state did not have many citizens, it consisted of a low population where all citizens knew each other and treated one another like family. So a book that recorded the entry and exit of each member of this family- A Passbook rather than A Passport.




Today, my partner and I decided to combine our ideas and create a passbook for our Imaged State- The Republic of Consensus. We came up with this name because of it's meaning- 

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 5.17.33 am.png

The idea of our state is that it was a place for all rejects and misfits coming and living together in our state- so a general agreement between all the misfits around the world to accommodate one another and live as a family.


As my partner and I worked together yesterday we made our passbook and created our manifesto. While drafting our manifesto we realised we were creating a preamble to our constitution rather than a manifesto. We made a set of rules and created designs using different fonts, thicknesses for borders, alignments and placing of text. Although our final piece looks simple we put a lot of thought in it. We tried different fonts like Pt Serif Caption, Courier New, Impact and copperplate. We finalised copperplate as it resembled the strong but simple look and idea behind our state.

 Based on the manifesto we decided to do a study of fingerprints for our state's currency, visa and primary identification. We wanted our state's record of people's entry/exit to be done through fingerprints. Like the phrase "take care of your passport like your life depends on it." - Our citizen's life's are literally at their fingertips. 

Our next task was to create our National costume, we wanted create this based on our actual traditional cultures. Considering the fact that our state is based off 3 existing regions we decided to create our national costume combining the three regions. Especially to show that even though two regions even though belong to the same country- India, still consisted of so much diversity between the north and the south. Although we did not get time or the resources to complete this in time.



Beautiful Fictions


We first tried to combine the outlines of all the words and create an emblem/symbol, however none of us liked or agreed on one design- it looked like we were trying to fit in too much in too little space. We then decided to combine parts of each of the words to create a symbol.

These are the 3 designs we made, and we finalised the one in the centre because it created a sort of circle as it connected all the elements that we chose and also consisted most number of elements from the original words- making it the most ideal emblem for OUR imagined state.


       2018-12-11 06:18:41.897.JPG  2018-12-11 06:18:40.202.JPG  2018-12-11 06:18:43.497.JPG



The Preamble




the-original-and-later.png Preamble-of-Indian-Constitution.jpg






Our Manifesto is inspired from the two preambles of either region. The metallic broken border depicts diversity and also unity because it is a combination of both the existing constitutions.


While forming and formatting the manifesto we drafted a set of rules and regulations based on the format of the preamble and constitution of the respective states:




We the people of consensus, hereby unite in order to create a general agreement to protect, respect, and support all citizens as one family. We shall embrace our diversity and make room for all the misfits who belong here. We shall live in peace and provide to all citizens:

  • All citizens are required to have a page of their image in the current official Passbook of the Republic of Consensus.
  • No Discrimination or Categorisation on the basis of gender.
  • Equal Accessibility to finger-scanned currency.
  • All citizens are required to scan their finger on their page in the official Passbook in order to:
  • - Exit
  • - Re- enter
  • - Allow entry to an outsider  [ for limited number of days ]
  • No citizen is permitted to cover, cut, dismember their fingers, it is punishable by law.


                          Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 5.45.53 am.png

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 5.47.29 am.png

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 5.44.20 am.png

                            Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 5.45.27 am.png




"A fingerprint in its narrow sense is an impression left by the friction ridges of a human finger. The recovery of fingerprints from a crime scene is an important method of forensic science."


         2018-12-11 06:04:23.053.JPG   2018-12-11 06:04:26.864.JPG   2018-12-11 06:04:28.813.JPG.1