What I loved about Kusama's work is her technique of repetition and the personal relevance behind it. Her use of art as therapy inspired me. I find it interesting how she uses something so graphic- phallic projections- something that traumatised her as a child and a fear that she carries with her but the way she used this fear and transferred it's application to colours and expressed it through her art. 

I also really liked how she used interaction in some of her works like the 'Obliteration Room' where the audience leaves a mark behind them and adds colour to an empty white room. It also has an aspect of 'Leaving footprints' I really liked that part of the interaction because we get to contribute to her work and also the fat that we use stickers it sort of resembles the fact that we were there.

Flowers That Bloom Tomorrow

I loved the way she made outdoor sculptures using her same technique inspired by her fear. These sculptures at first glance seem playful and a work that would probably attract children. However, It's relevance originates from far behind to her old piece- "narcissistic garden" in 1996. It mirrors a developed version of her on going repetitive pattern and drawn inspiration from psychedelic fear and art therapy.